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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Clixsense Referrals Secrets ( PTC Secrets Revealed)

I dont think if it is ok for other PTC out there but since i have noticed and determined that clixsense has a different lay out and codes used unlike other aurora and bux sites out there i had to think that i must not to put on my title PTC Referrals Secret . that's why i am pertaining only on One Site named Clisense.
In this lesson i would teach you how to earn moneny on clixsense not only by clicking ads everyday but on how to get referrals day by day and be one of the top sponsors on clixsense. like what pinoydeal,fastrupee, aclarn, rightmindset and a lot of clixsense top earners today.

Do you think you could earn as much as atleast $250 USD per day? or could you make $81,000.00 USD every year ?

well i can show you my earnings.

if you have noticed that is only my paypal balance. meaning . the actual money i have receive from my internet activity.
Now do you think i got that only on clixsense?
don't believe it yet ?
well here is my clixsense account. take a look , give a time . ^_^

Now . i will ask you to look at my balance.
How much ?
Is it  $5,012.45 USD right ?
then now come back to look closely on my paypal balance i have posted above.
how much ?
$ 6,830 USD ? Yes . that's it . cause my balance in paypal is not still empty, or let me say. i have still a lot of money on pocket that why it took me not to widraw it at all to transfer my paypal money to my bank account or credit card. and also in clixsense . i don't want to cash out a $5,012.45 for the reason i want to only invest it on my clixsense account. Now imagine. what if i cash out my f$5,000 USD on clixsense to add on my paypal account and transfer all of them on my credit card? ^_^. do you imagine how much money on my pocket now ?
hahahahaha. this is amazing right ? i can buy a laptop , if i want it. i can buy a motorcycle if i also want it. i can treat my friends and relative into a high class restaurant if i want it again. well , the secrets must be a secrets always. but for me . why i keep it forever. and not to share to other people ? do you know what my answer is ? I wouldn't . Why ? because if clixsense monitored that all of their members have a millions of dollars earned on them for a year. i don't think that they will not still remain us on their workers. but if only thousand of members are knows what secrets i have found . they can't cause we will be their proofers. or the members on an asset. that's why i only shared this secrets for those only determined clixsense members and what also to be top sponsors of the said site.
The Next Question is , How could we determined if the one is a determined and a passioned worker of a clixsense ? The answer is very simple. those who are serius in money making online . and those workers are those who can take a risk and investing money on any online programs they are in or being worked.

Why I need to Buy it ? because it is a business my dear. don't tell me that you are revealing your secrets and took it for free of cost ? if that is your mindset then you are in a wrong place. cause i am not only a simple blogger. I am one of the most blogger who can give you more and most accurate details on how to really make thousand of money every month of your life.  I will give you the secret that surely change your life in return of you will pay for it.

Ok What is Clixsense Referrals Secrets and Why I have to focus on Referrals ?
Is it because Getting Referrals is the main secrets of All Top Earner on Clixsense . In this E-Book you will be awaken from the poor strategy into a tricks that will boost your income day by day and get a massive new Direct Referrals  Everyday...

take a look my D.R After using this e-book

You do know how much direct referrals are important, don't you?

The image above shows the importance of direct referrals. A topic written by Great PTC Admin in the support forums.
I got tired of renting referrals as 'Golden' in Neobux and recycling daily, renewing every month....
I tried different types of methods to get direct referrals.  They include
PTC Banners & View Ads
Traffic Exchanges
Referral Exchanges
Forum Signatures
Social Bookmarking & Networking and many more.
I got some referrals, but doing all those things manually is exhausting and very time consuming.
I then searched day and night for a reliable source for direct referrals, a source I can depend on to bring me referrals while I'm on vacation, while I sleep, while I do enjoy my time and still make big money.  I then found and developed a unique system that generates referrals for me on complete Auto-Pilot.
I got 1000s of referrals from this system.  But the power of this system is not only in getting referrals. But its ability to make them ACTIVE. What is the dream of any PTC user? Many active direct referrals and that is what my system provides.

Before this, I helped lot of Neobux and Other PTC members in getting Direct Referrals.
Some of testimonials from satisfied members:

How Much is this system ?
$20 USD.
Huh ? that is too high compare to some PTC Secrets they are selling.
Yes You are right. this might be more expensive than other who are told you that they have an auto pilot direct referrals too ? but did you ever buy from them ? if yes then i know i have the right to laugh. hahahah because i know there is nothing auto pilot like what they are talking about. only  a secrets on how not a machine that can drive a ptc clikers to got more dollars not a dummies. and if your answer is no . well you are lucky cause you are here and never getting scammed from them . but its up to you  if you still believe those scammers that they can sell you in a very low price but promising to have a very powerful system to gather direct referrals. hahahah.
in my e-book i will assure that although it is expensive. but it has a great benefits to you and will give you a massive direct referrals everydayl.

Now It's your Choice. Buy it or Not. it's you only can decide.
remember  that, there is no man got  a high pay-outs who never give a high investment.
all business needs an investments. and all owners needs a guide for what their business have.

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