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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Girl Generations Illuminati Symbolism 2011 ( Korean'S Performer seems getting involved at Illuminati Society )

Here I am again , revealing some secrets of a video exploding extremely on youtube, and i am already expecting more haters from me because of this and don't worry , i know it will cause a lot of people today are more getting addicted on korean pop songs and singers/ performer, Last year i already tackled about Hyun A and her Video on youtube Bubble Pop , and as i have expected a lot of people are sending me a message who are saying that they will kill me if they see me in person ,. well it's up to you , i am only sharing my opinions based on my observation regarding their video shared all over the world throughh internet. If you are a Korean Fanatic ,. please don't get mad on me , i am only using my freedom of expression and there is no law i have been trespass.
so let's start with my topic.
October 18 , 2011 since the day that SMTown are launching the album Girls Generation or The Boys, wherein if you watch the video , there are a lot of , again ., a lot of Illuminati symbols are found here, i don't know why they want to get involved on it while they know that it is against God's law, or let say maybe because they really don't believe that there is life after death .
you may take a look first at their music video below .

Done Watching ?
Have you seen them ?
Not ?
well if you don't see any symbols from them maybe because you are not already aware what symbolism of illuminati is .
Illuminati symbolism could be a three fingers around the two that would look like a 666, a singled rigth positioned eye, inverted cross and two bilateral triangle position vice versa on each other,

now got your attention this photo below.

That is the very common and very obvious sign of an illuminati member, once a person are being illuminated here is obliged to show this symbol in return of what he/ she ask. this sign is already used by some famous illuminated performer and singers in industry.

Take a look the  shape they formed on their dance step isn't obvious that their choreography is so much hunger in popularity so that they did like this formation ?

Maybe in order to not very obvious they put this kind of symbolism in a side wherein not so much getting more attention . by this kind of style they still did what they promise but not too much obvious to the viewers..

actually it must be the first , but i organize the photos from common unto the deep motivation of a video, well
you may ask , why it is involved it is just a stone floating from the hand os SMTown model,
The answer very simple, Yes it is just an stone but it will not put in there if this is just a simple stone , always remember that in every video all elements are important and  the stones here are having a very important role., Stone always signifies about the religious belief, like what matthew 16: 18 tells, "And I tell you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it." it only means that in this video this stone signifies about the Church and the religious belief of every people and why is it black ? simply it because, they are determining that at these days the church are being streak with a bad motives and deeds, and why is it floating ? it only signifies that religious beliefs not are getting away on us they are too far from god and that is what they call it Girls Generation!

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