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Saturday, June 9, 2012

How to make your wife a sex slave ( girl / girlfriend )

If you would like to know how to get a woman addicted to you, to be the man she compares all other men to, and to be the man that ruins it for all the guys, then this will be the most exciting message you will ever read.

Here’s why…
Most guys think women are after guys with huge muscles, fat bank accounts, model looks, or a big johnson. They couldn’t be more wrong! And thinking like this is exactly what stops them from ever turning a fine looking female with high self esteem into a…
Now I’m not going to lie to you and tell you women don’t go after men with those qualities… they do, but it’s because they don’t know how to find what they crave deep down from a man, so they go after what our culture tells them to look for.
The result of this is a lot of frustrated, bored and unhappy women who would go absolutely bonkers for a guy who knows how to give them what they really want.
That guy can easily be YOU!
That’s what this is all about. You see, I recently interviewed a very remarkable woman. She is the model of a Daddy’s Girl. Intelligent, high self esteem and an absolute sexual dynamo. And she is without a doubt one of the most wonderful women I’ve ever met.
In fact, she is the woman I wrote about in the original David Shade’s Manual (now called Advanced Sexual Hypnosis). If you have either of these products, you know how amazing she is (and her almost unlimited capacity for orgasm)
Longtime Masterful Lover Alumni have met her at one of my various seminars held in 2004. Having her at those events taught me the power of having a woman reveal to men what really gets them excited (both inside and outside the bedroom).
For the first time Suzanne has agreed to reveal her history of failed relationships. Her long search for a Masterful Lover.
To be clear, this isn’t about love gone bad, there are amazingly important lessons about female sexuality in her stories. This is a woman opening her kimono and giving you a rare glimpse into what gets her hot and even addicted to men.
And I’ll let you In on a a little secret…
Are you ready? Good, here it is…
When Suzanne first started sharing these stories with me years ago, I was still formulating my understanding of how women ticked. Her shocking stories of the Mysterious Bad Boy and the Bad Boy Cop, and the tragic tale of the Nice Guy and the Listener helped me to put the finishing touches on my methods for giving women incredible (and addicting) pleasure!
Frankly, inside this interview is all the secrets you’ll ever need to make any women absolutely nuts over you. And it’s not about techniques. You’ll hear her talk about guys who had good technique but that wasn’t enough. No sir! When you hear her talk about the bad boys taking her breath away, she’s definitely not talking technique.
And that’s why this is quite possibly the most important interview I’ve ever released.

Listen, it wasn’t easy for her to bare her soul like this on a recording. If you know anything about how the mind works, you know talking about it brings back some of the emotions. In fact you can hear it in her voice.
But, Suzanne is a HUGE supporter of what I do. She knows there are way too few men in this world who can truly satisfy the unlimited sexual desires of a woman. Because of this she agreed to the interview.
You’ll hear her tell you the good, the bad, and the downright stupid things about her past lovers so you can learn what works and what to avoid like week old garbage. Including…
The critical mistakes made by THE LISTENER that ruined it for her
Her year of HOT GUYS and terrible sex
The bizarre story of the MYSTERIOUS BAD BOY that broke her heart by doing her a favor
The really HUNG GUY who bored her in bed
Her powerful sexual addiction to the COP BAD BOY that took her years to get over
The classic NICE GUY who she came to think of as “doormat”
The filthy RICH GUY who couldn’t keep her around with all his money
The BODY BUILDER GUY who lost her interest (and his erection)
Each of these relationships had things women need and things that make them say “hell no”. And as you’ll find out, a woman’s real needs have nothing to do with looks, age, size, money, or status.
Here’s just some of what you’ll discover:
Why truly mind-blowing sex is more ADDICTING for a woman than crack!
What BAD-BOYS do to take a woman’s breath away and keep them counting the days till they see you again!
How much you can get away with if you’re REALLY GOOD in the bedroom!
How bad-boy style sex RUINS IT for any other guy in a woman’s life!
The mistakes bad-boys make that eventually ruin every relationship! (do not repeat their FOOLISH ways)
What bad-boys DO in the BEDROOM that is so freaking addicting for a woman!
3 things a high self-esteem woman will NOT TOLERATE no matter how good you are in the bedroom.
Why (almost) all women go through a bad boy PHASE (and how you can use this to your advantage)
Why those women then REBOUND to a ‘nice guy’! (and why it never lasts)
How to not end up being called ‘DOORMAT’ or ‘PUSHOVER’ by a woman.
2 classic nice-guy mistakes! (and how to AVOID THEM)
Hot guys don’t mean good in bed. In fact, most of them are AWFUL in bed! (some can’t even kiss good)
A simple thing any guy can do that women really want and RARELY get!
2 ways to avoid relationship ‘FIZZLE’!
The biggest sexual TURN ON. All the good lovers did this really well! (hint: it’s not physical)
Who a man is OUTSIDE the bedroom will make or break the relationship!
And much more!
Look, if a woman describes sex with you as “meat & potatoes” you’ve got a serious problem. And you’ll hear Suzanne say this (and a lot worse) about these men.
In spite of looking good enough to be on a calendar, being a fun party guy, being wealthy, or well endowed… these guys sucked in bed!
And the guy she compares all other men against, was a bad-boy. He made her FEEL THINGS other men can’t. But he was a jerk and didn’t have a clue about how to make a relationship last.

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